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They Think It's All - February 1st 2009

*** Putting *** the *** ffff... fun *** into *** Football ***
February 1st 2009
Looks like David Beckham's manager/agent Terry Byrne will be heading a consortium to buy Leyton Orient, Goldenballs local club when growing up in Chingford.
Beckham has been in the news already this week with speculation over whether he will return from AC Milan to his $250 million dollar contract at LA Galaxy.
O's Fans (me included) have been hoping for years how we could do with a chairman with realistically 10% of what David Beckham is worth. Now it appears that's exactly what could happen.

Big Talk last weekend was the fact that Robbie Keane never went to the
Liverpool v Everton match after hearing he wasn't in the team. 
Don't worry – he was just picking up Robinho from the airport...  
Fairly Dull Football Fact... 
James Milner has scored at The Stadium of Light for his last three clubs,
Leeds, Newcastle and Aston Villa.   
Credit Crunch News 
Harry Redmouths house in the Sandbanks has lost approximately £2 million in value  because of the credit crunch. 
If things were to get any worse and our favourite Eastend football manager were to be made homeless, Harry should move in with the striker he has spent £24 million on in the last year. Jerman Defoe has increased in value from £9 million to £15 million in 12 months.
Thought of The Day
If Spurs re-sign Robbie Keane and Sol Campbell, to play alongside Jerman Defoe and Pascal Chimbonda, will they change their name to Friends Re-United?   

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