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Fwd: They Think It's All Football January 24th 2009

*** Putting *** the *** ffff... fun *** into *** Football ***

Urgent Help needed:
If you find Robinho, please send him back to Manchester (or Brazil or Chelsea)

Money Money Money
Kaka's current deal with AC Milan gives him a guaranteed million pound pay-rise a year for the duration of his contract.
With Man City sniffing around, they'll have to offer him a million pay rise every six weeks...

So Man City wanted Kaka and got Craig Bellamy.
Now that's what I call being affected by the credit crunch.

Thought(s) of The Day?
If Man City go bankrupt will the Government bail them out?
Was the Kaka transfer a smoke screen so City fans didn't complain about the signing of Craig Bellamy?

It's not realistic for City to expect Kaka to sign, even for £100 Million.
For about £200,000 they might just get Ulrikakakaka, and the good news is she's already been scouted(sic) by their previous manager Sven...

Now the player the clubs with the cash are after is Wilson Picket from Wigan.
Harry Redknapp has the sweetest feeling about him.

The Carling Cup...
After Spurs 4-1 win at White Hart Lane in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final, Harry Redknapp said if we can't go there (ie a Championship side) and defend a 3 goal lead there is something wrong with this club.
Full Time score Burnley 3 Tottenham Hotspur 0 (Spurs scored two late goals in extra time)
I wonder if Harry will be learning Spanish and checking the Madrid job centre vacancies in the near future...

More Lilywhite Woe...
After Spurs 1-1 draw with Portsmouth Harry Redknapp said his wife Sandra could have scored the chance that Darren Bent missed. After Spurs 3-2 defeat after extra time at Burnley (salvaged from 0-3 down with 3 minutes of extra time left) a text to 606 on 5live stated
"My wife Sandra could manage that team better than Harry Redknapp - And that text is from D.Bent"

Only Tottenham... could win the first leg of a semi-final at home 4-1 (half-way in the tie) and go to a championship side and lose 3-0 and face going out on away goals, before scoring 2 goals in the last two minutes of extra-time.

Only Tottenham... could play Kevin Keegan's Man City in the FA Cup at White Hart Lane, be leading 3-0 at half-time (King 2 Keane 19 Ziege 43)
and lose 3-4 (Distin 48 Bosvelt 61 Wright-Philips 80 Macken 90) at full-time.

Only Tottenham... could play Manchester United in a league match at White Hart Lane, lead 3-0 at half-time, (Richards 15, Ferdinand 25 Ziege 45)
and lose 3-5 (Cole 46 Blanc 58 Van Nistleroy 72 Veron 76 Beckham 87) at full time
It's not new players Spurs need. It's new scriptwriters...

Thought of The Day
Do Tottenham always lose when Christian Ziege puts them 3-0 up?
Do any fans leave early when Tottenham go 3-0 up on a team from Lancashire?

So the first silverware of the domestic season will be won (and lost) with the Carling Cup Final at Wembley on March 1st between Holders Tottenham and Man United...
Any chance Spurs reserve goalkeeper Ben Alnwick (his first game for Spurs this season after a loan spell at Carlisle) will keep his place for the final?

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