Friday, 25 September 2009

The Magic of The FA Cup... January 2009

** Putting *** the *** ffff... fun *** into *** Football ***

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has taken the club off the market after failing to find a buyer after three months...
After a 5-1 home defeat to Liverpool, he'll be lucky if he can give the club away for free...

Stoke player Ricardo Fuller was sent off for slapping his captain Andy Griffin during a 2-1 home defeat to West Ham.
Opposing player Lee Bowyer has described Fuller as the perfect team mate...

Thought of the day:
Tony Adams given a Premiership job after failing at Wycombe...
Is that what is meant by a Sporting Chance?

Spurs footballer crowdsurfs at Kings gigSpurs and England footballer David Bentley crowdsurfs at a Kings of Leon concert.
Typical Spurs, been playing out of position all season...

Thought of the day (2)
If the televised Preston v Liverpool game had been called off after the bad weather, could tv bosses have got a rematch of Steven Gerrard v the Living Lounge DJ to entertain viewers at home?

Player of the weekend: John Nutter (Gillingham) just because...

Thought of the day (3)
Do Gillingham have any supporters called Gill Ingham? (Quick google or facebook it...)

Thought of the day (4)
12 Million quid for Wayne Bridge. Would it have been cheaper to buy the whole of Nottingham Forest? (who knocked City out of the Cup)
It's not all doom and gloom for Mark Hughes. He can now spend more time with the transfer window...

The Magic of the FA Cup:
How comes Aston Villa didn't draw Manchester United (again) this year?

Has John got any brothers or sisters? Nathan Nutter, Natalie Nutter, Uncle? Norris Nutter...

Everyone is talking about the FA Cup draw and looking forward to Everton v Liverpool.
Personally I was looking forward to Macclesfield v Preston.

And finally...
Congratulations to Hartlepool! 55 seconds on ITV highlights!

*** Putting *** the *** ffff... fun *** into *** Football ***

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