Friday, 25 September 2009

They think its all f-f-f-foooooootball Feb 7th

*** Putting *** the *** ffff... fun *** into *** Football ***

Latest Score
ITV 0 BBC1 (Merseyside og 118th) Grade OUT!

Beckham's Coming Home – Week TwoSir Bobby Robson has told David Beckham to sign for AC Milan because playing in a second rate league will damage his chances of playing in the 2010 World Cup.
There goes our chance of joining Leyton Orient with his friend Connor Byrne...

Beckhams representatives will tell LA Galaxy he wants to stay in Italy with AC Milan, but he may have to take a £10 million pay cut.
If Becks fancies waving goodbye to 20 million big ones, he should definitely invest in the Orient.

They Think It's All Over, it is now...
Sadly, the Byrne/Becks deal for Orient fell through on Wednesday night and the following day former Colchester manager Geraint Williams was appointed manager of Orient until the end of the season.
From millions, tattoos, and Spice Girls to Williams, daffodils and sheep in one fell swoop.

Tony Adams Portsmouth Watch...
Still there. Enough to drive Pompey fans to drink.

King Kenny talks...
Kenny Dalglish has told the Mirror newspaper Liverpool must act now to save the season.
Rafa must really appreciate the advice of a manager who walked out 18 years ago after a cup game with Everton and ended up on the golf course.

"Got your number"...Dan Gosling reveals he got a standing ovation from his Everton team-mates for his dramatic FA Cup winner against Liverpool . More than he got from the people watching at home on ITV, but the people at home didn't see it thanks to an ITV fault which switched to adverts for Vauxhall & Tic-tac in the 118th minute.
The FA have got your number ITV. Although next time the FA Cup and England games package comes up, they won't be ringing it...

Thought of the day
Wouldn't adverts for Kit Kat (Have a break, have a kit kat) and 118 118 have been more appropriate?

Put Your Foot Down...
Former Newcastle and England manager Kevin Keegan this week received a six month driving ban for speeding through Carlisle.
Harsh – I've been to Carlisle and it isn't that bad.

Saved by the Snow.
Tuesday night in London was due to welcome football fans from Leeds, Cardiff, Swansea and Birmingham as Millwall were also at home to Colchester...
I gather the police might want a say in the rearrangement of those fixtures...

Salt And Win Again...
BBC Sport's Gary Lineker would rather have his ears pinned back - or stop eating crisps - than take the England manager's job.
On the plus side for the general public, if he took the England managers job, we wouldn't have to watch any more of the crisp adverts.

New Form guides statistics
exclusive to 'They Think It's All Football'
Hull City – LLLLL (Losers Losers Losers Losers)
Portsmouth – LLLD (late lonely losers Draw)
Newcastle – LLLD (laughing Stock Lost Drab)
Man United – WWWW (Wa***** Wa***** Wa*****)0D

Orient marketing Techniques under David BeckhamPants! - This article has been cancelled due to takeover talks shelved.

Breaking News...
Walkers Crisps have signed up Ray Wilkins as cover for Gary Lineker, in the event of him taking the England managers job.
This column will be back next week unless assaulted by a footballer in a Leeds nightclub.

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