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They think it's all football... December 5-15th 2008

They Think It's All
***Putting *** the *** ffff... fun *** into *** Football ***

December 5th
Barry Hearn is planning to buy The Honda Formula One racing team.
He has a very succesful record of buying sporting teams for Buttons...
(Flats on the corner of Silverstone and Brands Hatch?)

December 6th
Thought of the day... If I write a film screenplay about Manchester United, will it be a

December 7th
Poll of the week:
If Robbie Keane goes back to spurs will it be because of
a) TheCredit crunch?  b) The January sales? c) he's crap?

December 8th
Manchester City player Darius Vassel was mugged at gunpoint of £23,000
worth of jewelry after the Manchester City Christmas party.
On the plus side, he is now eligible for a transfer to Liverpool.

December 9th
Luiz Felipo Scolari says he is under zero pressure at Chelsea, but managing Brazil was real pressure...
Having just learned that Spurs Brazilian goalkeeper Gomez has played 17 times for his country, I understand exactly what he means...

December 10th
Juan Ramos gets a job as manager of Real Madrid 45 days after being sacked by spurs.
I know the Spanish like a siesta but that is ridiculous.

December 11th
Thought of The Day... Did Arsenal fans boo Emmanuel Eboue because he has manu in his
first name? Or because his surname sounds like "eh, boo me..."

December 12th
Police released CCTV images of 16 Tottenham supporters they would like to speak to over the abuse of former player Sol Campbell.
One fan identified said he was deeply ashamed and he would not be acting in this manner at football matches again. He said "Now all my friends and work colleagues know I support Tottenham. I'm so embarrassed"

December 13th
Tottenham coach Clive Allen says Dimitar Berbatov will get a warm reception when returning to White Hart Lane with Manchester United on Saturday.
Spurs fans are planning on setting fire to his hair. 
(assuming they've not been arrested for abusing Sol Campbell)..

December 14th

Gillingham chairman Paul Scally has promised supporters to splash the cash in the next few weeks when the January transfer window opens...
The bad news for fans is he's planning to go to Woolworths...

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