Thursday, 2 May 2013

#GrandNational #Hashtagging Highlights (Part 3)

I've worked out foolproof way to win on Watch it on Channel 4, then try to bet on Channel 4 + 1 race.

  1. Auroras Encore wins the Summary from last nights Evening standard pinstickers guide 'cannot enter the reckoning here' 66-1

    Sacre Bleu! Cappa Bleu second to Auroras Encore in Winning jockey Ryan Mania - thats a showbiz name if ever I've heard one!

    Ryan Mania & winning horse gone off to dressing rooms, sorry stables, but crowd calling for them to come back 'ENCORE ENCORE'

    Ryan Mania sounds like a manufactured boyband from not the winner of the

    No horses died in the running of this We can't guarantee the same for the making of the beef lasagne in the Aintree canteen

    Looking forward to on Channel 4 +1. Thinking of betting on outsider Auroras Encore 66-1 forecast with Cappa Bleu 11-1

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