Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hashtagging Highlights (Part 2) #ThatcherFuneral

Mourning all #ThatcherFuneral

So Sarah Ferguson invited to but not (2011) or has she got a really slow postal service?

Terry Wogan in BBC studio before & now at Was Iron lady one of the 's (Terrys Old Geezers) She had the balls for it

Mark Thatcher, Michael Thatcher, Amanda Thatcher arrive. 'Thatcher Die Nasty', sorry I mean't Dynasty.

ITV coverage started at 10.30am, my tv guide said it would start 9.25am. There'd be riots on the streets if they cancelled Jeremy Kyle

BBC News Channel ticker running along bottom of the screen: UNEMPLOYMENT RISIES BY 70,000 - Maggie strikes one last time?

UNEMPLOYMENT RISIES BY 70,000 - No guv I'm just taking the morning off to tweeet blog the

Hard to tell if the yells in the background are protests or part of the Military procedure. I'm guessing its protestors

Here comes the Queen. And Philip looking happy. Probably been reading my tweets on his blackberry

Its where he gets all his material ^^

What would have been interesting (by interesting i mean fun) is if were still at St Pauls in their tents

"DON'T DROP THE COFFIN" as Barry Albin-Dyer would say.

Big Ben silent for the mo(u)rning & rain is back for the day. Looks like the clocks have gone back and summer is cancelled

Hey David Mellor - why the long face?

David Mellor could star in a remake of I AM THE WALRUS

We recall with great gratitude what she did for this country. Speak for yourself cocker.

Sally Bercow turned down her invitation. Probably took on a part time job (modelling flags?) to pay her legal bills.


Amanda Thatcher is the new Pippa Middleton

And now the winners of the 'The Great British Choir Off Factors Got Talent' or whatever they call it

In my fathers house, there are many mansions. Is he referring to the bedroom tax?


The Right Honourable Charles Hawtry (Sorry they took the name down too quick) Britains Number One George Carlin Tribute Act

I thought Carol Thatcher was asleep there

And now from Charles Hawtry/George Carlin "Seven Words You Can Never Say on TV"

I miss George Carlin

Blimey - Heseltine turned up.

refereed by Ken Clarke. Tebbit to start the goading with 'ON YER BIKE TARZAN'

Last time I saw this many bald blokes was at the Harry Hill lookalike convention

  1. I haven't seen queues like this outside newsagents since Leadenhall News started selling Exchange & Mart on wednesday night

  2. MAGGIE! MAGGIE! MAGGIE! ˢᵒᵘᵛᵉᶰᶦʳ ᶦˢˢᵘᵉ OUT! OUT! OUT! ᶰᵒʷ

And now - Britains Number One Pope Trevor Francis lookalike - the only Argentine invited to the party - I mean funeral

And now the Reverend William Hill, taking odds on the second coming

All the protestors have been infiltrated during the service and killed with a dart.

And now onto the after party, or wake as some call it, at the Leicester Square Theatre
Hardly worth some of the old boys leaving

Clarkson. I thought he was driving the car?

I wish I didn't fancy Michael Howard.
Not as many retweets as or Am I getting less funny or is twitter saturated now? thatcherated even

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