Thursday, 2 May 2013

BBC Question Time aka #bbcqt Hashtagging Highlights

May 2nd 2013

I'm sure I saw a pensioner bus pass on ebay yesterday

pic c/o BBC

David Starkey "We're in a crisis" Your damn right we are - David Starkey is on the telly.
How about we give pensioners bus passes to MPs and we scrap their chauffer driven cars?
Victoria Coren trending on twitter because she is on and not because she finished above Helen Flanagan in the list. Recount?

Good to see the BBC keeping up the comedy quota per episode with David Starkeys glasses.

I'd like to think david Starkey is a belieber

In the musical, David Starkey will be played by Christopher Biggins. Victoria Coren by Mel C and Harriet Harman by Helen Flanagan

And a bonus #hashtag tweet from THIS WEEK.

Andrew Neill has morphed into Jay Leno. via Craig Ferguson

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