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International Football Funnies October 10th-17th 2000 and 10

International Round Up
October 17th 2010

England 0 Montenegro 0
Montenegro stay top of the group while England have a game in hand, with both teams still unbeaten.
Despite failing to win the game it was a proud moment for Kevin Davies, at the age of 33, picking up his first ever yellow card for his country. 
A Bigger back Story than Gamu
Montenegro used to be Yugoslavia and then they became Serbia &  Montenegro before splitting into two.
Honestly they changed their name more than the Artist formerly known as Prince.
Kazakhstan 0 Germany 3
Where Montenegro were the result of a country splitting into two (or more) due to war,
Germany is the result of West and East Germany combining football talent after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Names are changed to reflect the times we live in, the Germany XI should probably be renamed 'Germany Allstars' to account for the number of Poles, Brazilians and Turks in the national team..
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A Word From The Sponsors
The ITV coverage of England v Montengro was sponsored by Sharp.
If only someone had told the players.
The Odd Bunch
The latest odds are coming up in the corner of your screen now.
Is that Ray Winstone promoting another ITV advertiser, or just a frank description of Rooney, Crouch and co...
Rumania Under21 0 England Under 21 0
The U21s secured qualification to the Euro 2011 tournament and, with the failure of the senior team to beat Montenegro, saw questions from the media as to whether the youngsters are ready to step up to the big stage.
Ultimately, only time will tell but, crucially no-one knows whether they will learn to be unfaithful to their wives and girlfriends in the same style as Terry, Cole, Rooney and Crouch..
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Czech Republic 2 Scotland 0
Scots manager Craig Levein surprised and angered fans by playing a formation 4-6-0 without a recognised striker.
Rumours he is waiting for Bravo Tv to commission a new series of Search for A Striker (which discovered Steve Watts for Leyton Orient) have so far been denied.
Scotland 2 Spain 3
After the baffling team choice v Czech Republic, Levein found space for Kenny Miller in a 4-5-1 formation and could be considered unlucky to lose by the odd goal in five to the European and World Champions.
As seen during the world cup group match with Switzerland, if you want to beat Spain you need to schedule the game for afternoon kick-off when they are more prone to a siesta and Scotland players are not in the pub.
Italy v Serbia Abandoned
The match was abandoned after 6 minutes because of Serbia fans rioting,
thought to be a protest of their previous defeat to Estonia.
UEFA haven't confirmed yet whether the match will be replayed,
but normally a 0-0 away to Italy WITHOUT playing a 4-6-0 formation is a good result.

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