Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hashtagging Highlights (Part 1) - #Thatcher

Welcome to the first in a new series.
And to start - my tweet reactions to the death of the Iron (Bar) lady.
Check back later for #funeral highlights.
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Breaking News: North Korea have begun testing nuclear weapons. In related news - Margaret #Thatcher is dead.

  1. Is she definitely dead - can someone whack her one more time to make sure?

  2. Professor PJ Miles ‏@radiogagger8 Apr
    You can tell its a solemn day - David Mellor has taken his Chelsea shirt off for BBC interview

  3. Professor PJ Miles ‏@radiogagger8 Apr
    We are a Grandmother no more

  4. handbag for sale in the Westminster area - one careful (and crazed) owner

  5. Just heard the tragic news - they postponed this afternoons episode of 'Homes Under The hammer' for an extended BBC news report

Professor PJ Miles ‏@radiogagger10 Apr
Things are incredibly baronessless now without Baroness Thatcher.

"In At Number 10 - The Musical Tribute to Maggie"

BBC decide whether to play or ban 'Ding Dong The Wicked With Is Dead' from Sundays chart - I bet Carol & Mark #Thatcher don't even listen to Radio 1

Three different versions of 'The Wicked Witch Is Dead' are rising up the charts. Typical #Thatcher - divisive even in death. 

BBC may ban 'Ding-Dong The Witch is Dead from the top 40 countdown' >> Damn! Next you'll be canceling Top Of The Pops

  1. Ding Dong The Wicked Witch - 2 minute feature & vox pop on Radio 1 about a 51 second record, compromise or even more publicity?
  2. Margaret 'The Wicked Witch is Dead' in the charts between Pink & Justin Timberlake, its what she would have wanted #appropriate #crymeariver

"Are You On The Guest List?"

  1. F.W. De Klerk on guest list for funeral - fair play, without doubt the best Leyton Orient manager of the 80s and early 90s.

  2. Seriously, Jeremy Clarkson on the guest list for Baroness funeral? In place of who - and cast?

  3. Alongside living Presidents & Prime Ministers, Jeremy Clarkson on guest list for Margaret funeral > is their space in the coffin?

  4. What a week for William Hague - he loses one hero in , but gains a new one in Angelina Jolie

Jeremy Clarkson on the guest list for funeral - and all those armed guards ad police on duty - WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

For those of you asking what was Baroness to women I give you Louise Mensch, Nadine Dorres and Sarah Palin

Trouble expected at funeral of Baroness funeral >> what do you expect when you invite Jeremy Clarkson?

wasn't invited to funeral dress rehearsal, guess that means I'll not be at real thing Wednesday (stay at home tweeting it is then)

That was a good plan by the government to arrange a Millwall fight at Wembley as the same time as #Thatcher death party in Trafalgar Square on Saturday

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