Sunday, 12 August 2012

The #London2012 #ClosingCeremony - Hashtagging Highlights - The Best of The Tweets

Well I'm exhausted. Three and bit hours of tweeting the action and the funniest possible thoughts I could bleed from my brain at the shortest notice. So, for your pleasure, like a Big Brother contestant evicted from the house, here's the best bits...

Sunday 9pm  GMT

RT Geri Halliwell  Are you ready?..... >>> are you wearing THE DRESS? 

After the success of the Mens  blog/tweet, I've decided to live-blog the . Stand by your beers.

The 100 metres blog/tweet was 1 tweet. tHEY'RE OFF. BOLT. BOLT. BOLT. BOLT. BOLT. BOLT. BOLT BOLT. BOLT. BOLT. FINISHED!!! 9.64 SECONDS!

It's the   the 2nd historical broadcast to pair Trevor Nelson and Huw Edwards together. They said it would never happen.

Pelham J Miles ‏@radiogagger
 opened by Emile Sander, who lives down the road in Bethnal Green. The cost of her taxi was a deciding factor. 

It's Barry from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet as Winston Churchill. Barry from Eastenders was unavailable.  

Prince Henry. Sounds like a tax dodge recommended to him by Gary Barlow.  

5,4,3,2,1, My name is Michael Caine. Del Boy & Rodney. Madness. It's the street party in a stadium.

One Direction. Hmmm, it's got a beat to it.  

Those dustbin lids and oil-cans will be returned to the Whitechapel Market when the   finishes

The Beatles. They always get wheeled out for these occasions. Or am I thinking of Madness? 

One Direction followed by  singing Waterloo Sunset. Most surreal wedding reception ever  

Emeli Sande is back! She remembered the words to her second song. 

Apparently Emeli Sande came back to sing a second song because I spelt her name wrong on her first song.  

Apparently Emeli Sande came back to sing a second song because I spelt her name wrong on her first song.  

I can't know the correct spelling for everyone who lives in Bethnal Green. I'm a busy man.

In a reverse of  athletes have to walk backwards at  As soon as Emeli arrives for her 3rd song.

And now, for the Daniel Kitson play within a play within a play 

Next up, Barry Gibb singing 'To Love Somebody' ,   

Our House followed by park Life. I'm getting deja vu. Has someone put the first CD on again?   Pet Shop Boys next

They have, they've put the same CD on AGAIN

presentation of medal to mens marathon winner. The marathon that went round in a loop to avoid Tower Hamlets

Uganda national anthem, heard worldwide by 4 billion people. Available as a download on itunes in the morning.  

It's the Dearly Departed section. Imagine.  


'ev from eastenders would have loved this  
RIP 'ev

And now, Elton John. Sorry no, Emeli Sande. My piece of paper was upside down.  

And so starts the campaign to get pinball into the next Olympics.

 DOn't knock it, its another bronze minimum for

And now a hologram performance by the dearly missed Daaaaaaaaaaaaavid BOWIE.  

Lennox Lewis!  

Annie Lennox in a remake of Titanic The Musical  

When a man is tired of   he is tired of life.

Russell Brand being Russell Brand being Russell Brand. Personally handpicking the female cast for his section. 


NORM! Everybody knows his name.  

It's not about the cha-ching cha-ching  

You know your getting old when Baby Spice turns 30 and gets knocked up twice.   

Its like 1997 all over again.   

Oh dear Boris dancing.   

Close your eyes and its 1997. Next up Chumbawumba throwing a drink over John Prescott   

Beady Eye, singing Wonderwall by Oasis. Where is Noel and his high flying thingy band?

Nice of them to get a John Lennon tribute act in after the video of Imagine earlier.   

Danny Boyle is back   

Why is the brilliant Eric Idle dressed like C3PO?  

  finale will see Boris Johnson arrive on a zip-wire and then just dangle pointlessly waving two Union Flags

FREDDIE! Again... (DO radio gaga please freddie) 

Its Jessie J Mercury.  

We Will We Will Rock You. by Queen   Its like being at an Orient home win, minus about 77,500 people.

SO we've passed the flag and flame to Rio. Lucky it wasn't a baton, we would have dropped it.  

And now Rio's gift to London. lap-dancers in Hackney Road?. 

The 2016 Olympics will be held at... THE NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL 

I love it when the roadsweep downs tools and join in. 

PELE! I don't have time to google his full name... 

Well, it's been magnificent  & now at  we hand to Rio for 2016. Just hope they don't muck up the beach volleyball.

It's not about the money money money, its about the volunteers! Salute to the games-makers 

Who, Whooo, Whoooo, Whooooooo let the Rogg out? WHO LET THE ROGG OUT?  

And now in French. He's just showing off now. "ALL RIGHT JACK WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME"  

So long. Farewell. Missing you already. Olympics I love you so Want u 2 know. Please don't go, please don't go  

Giant Respect for Ken Barlow  

Can't wait for the big finish from Emeli Sande 

THEY THINK ITS ALL OVER. IT IS NOW. Oh hang on, David Beckham and Emeli Sande to finish.  


Pelham J Miles
3 & a bit hours tweet blogging   i'm exhausted and empty. Time for some toast with chocolate philidelphia spread

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