Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup Diary Blog EXTRA - June 28th 2010 - When Dave Tweeted Sepp

You've heard of the film WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, but have you heard of WHEN DAVE TWEETED SEPP?

It all started sunday about 5pm, (not surprisingly) And it's been continuing since then, it will probably go on until at least July 11th.

There will be a book, a film, radio, TV and press interviews.

But, now just for you, my loyal regular readers, here is part one of when dave Tweeted Sepp...
They actually go backwards in terms of most recent, but I wouldn't worry, they all have a common theme, so if you wanted you could scroll to the bottom of the email and read them UPWARDS!
It might might sound like hard work in this heatwave, but in my personal opinion, it adds to the fun.

I'm particularly looking forward to the DVD extra's commentary.
I'd like to see analysis from Emmanuel Adebayor (because no-one understands him) Lee Dixon and Andy Townsend, all held together by Adrian Chiles. I know they're contracted to different TV channels, but they share an agent (maybe, I'm bullsh*tting) and could come together on this project. I've counted 56 tweets so far, but, like LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE, this could run and run...

My own personal report on the match and the aftermath will follow tomorrow, until then, make yourself a cup of tea, get a comfy cushion, and enjoy.

PS Dave is not me, or anyone I know, but I do absoluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutely LOVE TWITTER!!
Anyone wants to follow this fella, drop me a line.

Until the next time

STOP PRESS: You should definintly read them from the bottom up, it adds to the flavour.
@seppblatter name the time and place I'm ready to show ya what's what, I'll give you a taste of the master class then end yr nightmare   

@seppblatter you could pay for the extra man and camera with one day of your ludicrous salary, greedy know it all, stop whining!  
@seppblatter surely a man in your position needs to possess a set of huge cahones, I don't see em, you are the ken doll of football

@seppblatter Unlike you and your countrymen I will never surrender, I get 10/10 for commitment to cause #sackseppblatter

@seppblatter you think controversy is more important than fairness you bizarre fruitloop, clean the sport up along with your act!

@seppblatter I can't stop, you've forced my hand. Surrender your pathetic reign like napoleon you silly coward

@seppblatter your skills as a president are among the greatest circus acts, you racist cheater    

@seppblatter your country is a joke and so are you, you will never bring the world cup to England, prove me wrong!

@seppblatter you will look a fool when the technology is introduced and you didn't do it sooner, your world cup skills are extremely poor

@seppblatter I grow weary of telling like it as it is, I will sleep, WORK, then continue my campaign against the plague of football (you)

@seppblatter I'm not the only one who gives a shit about the rules, you are in danger, do not fear, the White flag is near

@seppblatter stay away from the beautiful game you are a virus upon it and it makes me sick, who are you to decide what's right

@seppblatter you ambitionless fruitcake living like a king, you sit high in your tower but you have to come down sometime

@seppblatter bravo for bringing the world cup to Africa then making a fool out of yourself with the appointing of officials and lack of idea

@seppblatter you football terrorist, I'll fight you on the beaches for goal line technology, the French f├╝hrer must be stopped

@seppblatter you are the worst thing to happen to football, if you do not broaden your horizon then go home an put up your White flag

@seppblatter what do you say to a stuborn old lunatic who has no interest in the sport he claims to be president of, wake up crazy fool

@seppblatter I can't stop, what your policy of stoneage technology did to England and Mexico today is outrageous to the sport you terrorist

@seppblatter you will never change you stuborn old coward so it comes to #sackseppblatter, you will ne shown to be the coward you are
  • @seppblatter we're only askin for the ref to have the option to refer to a 5th official with access to cameras, don't cost much you liar
    @seppblatter you give the impression of hard work, but you do about as much work as a bread line scrounger, just disappear will ya

    @seppblatter fossil, relic, no imagination, no vision, fool, clown, simple minded, flag waving, French, I'm talking about you sepp

    @seppblatter I don't want to hear how many hours you put in last year, it would only embarrass you further, you bumbling idiot fool

    @seppblatter you should be ashamed of yourself, you fucking scumbag, you dont earn your bread you raving jackass, you don't kid me!
  • @seppblatter the NHL Toronto decision comittee makes you look stupid, you giggling imbecile, stop it!!
  • @seppblatter all of your money is cursed, you don't deserve it, you are the biggest benefit theif in history, you no honour wank clown  

    @seppblatter shut your mouth and know your role, your FIFA is a broken relic, you luaghing clown quit, you earn too much money

    @seppblatter nobody cares what you are doing or where you are going you care not for the game but for the euro's in your bank
  • @seppblatter basically you are an old fart who refuses to role with the times and it's time for you to leave, you have nothig to offer
  • @seppblatter I am not blaming you for the England result as such but you cannot deny that a lack of technology changed a game
    @SeppBlatter Leaving for Bloemfontein for the next chapter in a match which has created World Cup history, and now a joke because of you
  • @seppblatter sorry it's been so long since my last tweet, give it up you got no game, 5th man decisions are way forward, costs nothing fool   

  • @seppblatter you cannot escape the shame of of your time as FIFA president so you might aswell quit while your down, just like the rest
  • @seppblatter your policies have spoiled the first two last 16 games, I hope you're proud you fruitcake nutbat
    • @seppblatter what good is your FIFA doing? I could do a better job spinning on my cock, down with you, moron. Please quit
  • @seppblatter the campaign against your regime will not waver, I'll fuck you in the street before you continue your war on football   
  • @seppblatter the masses will be heard sepp, you are a baffoon, show some class and quit like your countrymen, they will be proud
  • @seppblatter you clueless scared fool, stand aside peasant
  • @seppblatter when the dust has settled on your reign you will be remembered for being a no can do jerk hole, zero ambition nappy arse   
  • @seppblatter I'll tell you why, because you are not a man of action, you lazy desk jockey, can't believe you ever played the game
  • @seppblatter you can't escape the shame of your reign, the next one will do the right thing so why not do it yourself

  • @seppblatter you are a scared little child who has no place in the business, go home and sort ya life out before it gets any worse
  • @seppblatter perhaps you just like the attention, negative or not, would you not rather be remembered for advancing the sport
  • @seppblatter you have much cash but I bet you don't have an iPhone, I smell your fear of technology from many miles away you fossil
  • @seppblatter the rest of the sporting world has left you in their dust, rugby, cricket, ice hockey are living in the now, grow up will you   
  • @seppblatter you are obviously more concerned with lining your own pocket than the state of the game and your rubbish world cup. Quit now
  • @seppblatter I know you won't quit as you think you're amazing, ask the world, you are an absolute raving lunatic
  • @seppblatter I think your tune would change if it happened to France you stone age relic, live in today's world you scumbag
  • @seppblatter you are a closed minded bafoon who knows as much about football as a White flag waving chicken, quit now, we live in 2010
  • @seppblatter if you think your reign has been a success you are sadly mistaken, you are a disaster to the sport, truly
  • @seppblatter I know your not a man, you have no honour, step down and save yourself while you still have a chance 
  • @seppblatter earning lots of money for doing nothing and earning even more money for making bad decisions must make you feel like a man
  • @seppblatter you disgust 95% of football fans all around the world, that must feel awful, to know that you absolutely stink must hurt DEEP!
  • @seppblatter your African world cup has become a farce you no talent loser, resign your post like a man you White flag frog
  • @seppblatter you are a joke, I wouldn't hire you to tie my laces

  • @seppblatter, what planet are you on and what century are you living in you are the worst  FIFA  president in history

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