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World Cup Diary Blog - ENGLAND v SLOVENIA (Wednesday June 23rd 2010)

Wednesday June 23rd 2010
World Cup Group C - Final Match

TEAM NEWS: Pavlos the Palace fan is in for Heskey. He only popped into the the dressing room looking for a toilet. Millner back in (for Lennon).

Defoe in for Heskey up front with Rooney. James retains place in goal after clean sheet v Algerians.

4mins Twitter Over Capacity. Todays observations will be reserved for the blog then...

5mins The pub i'm in here in Basildon has four massive screens plus loads of smaller ones littered around the room, which is almost half the size of a football pitch. The drink prices are also MASSIVE (and it's not even PROPER Red Bull)

6mins The pub hasn't taken the chance on HIGH DEFINITION coverage. Then again, were in Essex, maybe high definition hasn't arrived yet.

7mins RED BUTTON - Choose match... er, thanks The England match is perfectly fine.

8mins Good tackle by John Terry, good to see he saves the 'big mistakes for the press conferences...

12mins Three dodgy tackles by England already. What are the last 10 minutes going to be like?

13mins Good effort by Frank Lampard, 35 yards out with a free kick. If only they (Slovenia) had Rob Green in goal.

20mins The good thing about BBC High Definition is they can't cut to adverts when england attack.
(they have been known to cut to a woman on a toilet when Torqay are playing though...)

21mins Guy Mowbray stats... Wayne Rooney and Jermaine Defoe have played together nine times for England, neither has scored, and Defoe has been substituted in every game...

22mins Millners crosses are getting better, he must have heard us slagging him off back here in Essex.

23mins GOAL! from Defoe by Millners cross.

The Millner we have been slagging off for 20 minutes and the Defoe that Sven Gorran Errikson never took to the last world cup.

27mins This is total football from England, just like watching Ley.. sorry Brazil.

30mins Seriously I haven't seen England play this well since... since... OK I HAVEN'T SEEN ENGLAND PLAY THIS WELL


Group table as it stands... England 5, Slovenia 4 USA 3 Algeria 2 - England & Slovenia qualify..

61mins Can't remember an England performance like this so high tempo for so long... 11 Random drug tests at this rate...

67mins Three Slovenia chances blocked by Terry first, Johnson second and third one shot wide.

Not shot wife as my predictive text suggests. (That would be Columbia surely, were it to happen)

70mins Bit of movement/tactics discussion on the bench. Come on England, Come on Joe Cole, Come on Pyscho...

71mins Joe Cole on for Rooney. Has their ever been a game so dominated by one team that has finished 1-0??

The answer is probably yes, but anyway, I have put the question out there...

72mins Lot at stake here, If England win we will play on Saturday on the BBC.

Otherwise we're shunted back to the comical, sorry commercial broadcasters at ITV1.

80 mins credit to Slovenia still in it, we should have had about 5 by now. They deserve to go through in second place.

STOPPAGE TIME England playing it tight holding the ball in the corner. Not something we see regularly at England matches. Like a penalty shoot out win.


England qualify, but late goal by Lando Jason Donovan means we're pushed into second place in the group - and maybe DEFOE and co will face the old foe...

Final Group Points
USA 5 (winners)
England 5 (runners-up)
Slovenia 4
Algeria 2

STOP PRESS - Ghana 0 Germany 1 - It's ENGLAND v GERMANY
on Sunday June 27th at 3pm (as if you didn't know)

Until the next time

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